We are lucky. We live in a world where there is enough opportunity and technology to turn your idea into the next unicorn startup. But — before you can be great, you need to be decent.

Ecommerce leaders, trusted by industry leaders.

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Being decent isn't as easy as it sounds.

For more than a decade working together, we’ve witnessed first hand the strategies, work and focus necessary to create solid foundations at ecommerce companies that wish to be profitable and stand the test of time. Unfortunately, we’ve also seen far too many companies put the cart before the horse, and attempt to skip a few steps on their way to greatness.


We believe without a decent, solid foundation, building the company of your dreams will be exponentially harder. It will affect the opportunity that you, and the myriad of people who believed in your vision and work to make it a reality, have to achieve your goal.  We’re here to help before the headaches and mistakes put the amazing idea you’ve brought to life in jeopardy. 


Welcome to Decent Startup.

What we do

Our team is segmented into the two primary buckets below. Our expertise in these areas allows us to execute in specific functions while operating as a unified team that can strategize and impact the entire business. We've come together through our work over the last 10 years on various brands, & our experiences together allows us to be effective whether you're bringing a new idea to life or growing an established brand.

Brand Operations

We believe building a solid, profit-oriented infrastructure is critical whether your brand is just starting out or you're in the latest growth stage of your established business. Many times, we’re asked to solve a problem within someone's Marketing organization, however, we find the root of the problem to be lying somewhere else entirely.

Sometimes we find the problems lie under the hood of your Operations function. This may translate via KPIs to spikes in returns, increased shipping times for customers or an increased percentage of mis-shipped or damaged products. We believe all this can change and can have exponential effects on your top and bottom lines. Our experts identify your pains and translate them into choosing the right fulfillment partners, identifying and implementing the most cost effective shipping options or implementing secure & efficient packaging solutions.

Often times, the problem surfaces in your Customer Service function. A misalignment between your business's resource allocation and the customer's needs can be devastating to your growth. We can work together with you to create a culture that  properly services and supports the customer, utilizes simple technology to create & improve efficiencies and even hire/train/lead a high-performing team to be the voice of the customer.

This team's functions include Supply Chain, Customer Service, Finance & Accounting and Human Resources.

Brand Experience

We believe that organizations need to view their digital and physical experiences through the lens of a singular Brand Experience Team. Not Performance Marketing vs. Creative vs. Tech. Instead of silos with different targets, we create unified goals that utilize broad reaching metrics that matter to your entire business (Operations, Sales, Finance, Customer Support teams) and your customer.

Our approach is one driven by intellectual honesty. We will bring our best ideas to life through a high-powered, high-output, Creative engine. We will get these ideas in front of the customer as quickly as possible through personalized, dynamic Advertising, and an extensible Technology architecture allowing us to react accordingly. We will measure success with actual success for the business.

We will let the customer drive our advertising and placements. Ultimately, we want to be the brand the customer needs, rather than a brand built to satisfy ourselves. You can have the best media plan, but if you’re not resonating with customer pains or driving a great experience, it doesn’t matter. We care not only about how effective our ads are, but how people are feeling about them. The customer’s pain point is our pain point, and solving those is the task of this unified team above all else.

This team's functions include Marketing/Advertising Strategy, management of UX/UI, management of Creative & Design and management of Technology partners / Website Design & Architecture.

How we do it

Augment the team

We can integrate into an existing team to drive strategy, improve communication and increase efficiencies. Take advantage of knowledge and experience of industry experts without committing to an expensive permanent full-time headcount. We are experts in maintaining and building cultures where people's happiness is equally as important as their productivity.

Build the team

Let us take on the heavy lifting of starting a new team within your organization. We will jump right in handling the blocking and tackling while creating processes and playbooks for you to take in-house when the time is right. In parallel we will make organizational recommendations, create job descriptions, participate in the hiring process and assist in the onboarding and training of new team.

Who we are


Adam Covalt

Brand Operations


Angela Cohen

Chief Operating Officer


Dayna Sorrento

Brand Experience


Deanna Banovsky

Brand Operations


Dylan Figlo

Co-Founder, CMO


Jonathon Jonas

Co-Founder, CEO


Justin Sexton

Brand Experience


Mady Figlo

Brand Operations

What's keeping you up at night?

Our goal is simple: to help you solve the problems that keep you up at night. We understand that while running a business there’s hundreds of things you can be working on at any one time. We also understand that only a select few of those are not only excessively painful to your business or your team, but also, cause a disproportionate amount of mental stress.

We want to give you peace of mind. We want to start that from day one...so why not start now.

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